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Hiking Clubs you can join

Hiking and backpacking clubs aren’t just about hitting the trail or walking through the woods. These clubs are people sharing a passion with one another. Whether you are a beginner level hiker, or advanced, hiking and backpacking clubs have something to offer for everyone. You can make friends there and will get an opportunity to explore and witness some of the most beautiful and remote places on earth. 
Joining a hiking club is a great way to socialize and meet like-minded people. It's also a fantastic way to bring the community together and accomplish projects using joint resources. There are various hiking clubs available for you. Some clubs focus on getting out into the local surroundings, day walks on the weekend and other similar things. While other focus on bringing small groups together to arrange international adventure trips. Being part of a hiking club can be very rewarding as it helps you to return something to your society. For example, your club may advocate for conservation in your area, or they may run fund-raising events to support some social cause. All these can provide the members with a feeling of gratitude which is very important.
For a beginner, a club will be one of the quickest ways to learn and to network with others. Fellow group members can help you in planning, packing, and preparing your trip. The membership in a hiking club can provide you with the opportunity to understand what all preparations should be done while planning for a hiking. It will also help you with the details of the best locations that you can select for hiking. Once you become an advanced hiker, you will get an opportunity to share your valuable knowledge to the beginners and others who want to learn. This is a situation when you can find yourself in a position to attain a very good level of respect from others.
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