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Hiking Essentials – What that Decides the Result of Your Journey

We know that people who are going for a long journey used to make enough preparations and try to carry a lot of items that they suppose to be of use in the journey. The situation is something similar in the case of hiking also, with the main difference that you cannot carry everything that you feel to carry. Because it will result in an increase in the weight of your baggage and hence can disturb the entire journey as well. So, the hiking essentials are something that needs to be selected with utmost care. 
Maps and Compass are the most important part of a hiking team. People going for a hiking selects to travel through ways that are less occupied by native people and hence they will get least chance to enquire the way from them. In such situations, compass and maps are the only items that can help you to make sure that you are going on the right way. Another important thing that you must carry with you is the required amount of water. It is advisable to search for any locations from which you can refill your water bottles rather than carrying too much water. But this searching should be done before the hiking starts and only a well-planned hiking will make this possible.
During the hiking try to have some food at regular intervals along with water and don’t wait for the breakfast, lunch or dinner time to have this. This regular consumption of food and water will keep you strong throughout the hiking. It is recommended to carry a flashlight even if you are planning for a hiking during the daytime only. Sometimes the bad weather may force you to extend the time of your journey which may end up making you continue the hiking even at late evening or night. The flashlight can be of great help in this situation. First Aid Kits, best hiking boots, Sunscreen, Knife and enough clothes are also important to carry during a hiking. 
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